Medellín: My Beautiful New Home

I love this city. The People. The Weather. The Location. The Food.

It’s the capital of Antioquia and about 3 million people. The colorful neighborhoods, bustling city streets, and savory and sweet foods make this a paradise to explore and adventure. The city is situated in a valley and is completely surrounded by towering green mountains. The city lights up at night when the villages in the mountains illuminate the surrounding landscape. By 6pm music starts playing in the discotecas and bars, flooding the streets with Salsa and Reggaeton.

Inside the city are countless parks, Parque de los Deseos, de los pies descalzos, Berrio. All of which have their own different mix of markets, people, and speed of life. Walking downtown to work on La Playa is always an adventure with the numerous stands of fruits, DVDs, electronics, books, and clothing. People strolling in and out while you’re surrounded by empanada and panzerotti tiendas, flower shops, palm trees, and textile factories.

Exploring the city is even easier with the metro, the only one in Colombia. It’s fast and reliable; and always completely filled. Every hour is rush hour and as the door beeps to close, people sidetackle you further back into people. I can’t say it’s enjoyable, but it’s an experience. And like I’ve said before busses are scary, but they’re getting better. Aside from getting stuck in a taco for an hour and a half on my way to work, I much prefer the busses. Finally, taxi’s are incredibly cheap. The furthest I’ve gone has only cost 12.000 COP, about $6 USD and that’s after 20mn.

And of course, the nightlife is great. 3 prime locations include: Parque Lleras, Barrio Colombia, and 33 Avenida. They vary from place to place, but the music is always reggaeton, salsa, or vallenato; with a little international mixed in like Rihanna or Pitbull. And Colombians LOVE to dance, and never get tired. It’s always a good time.

Excited to further explore this weekend, possibly starting with Parque Explora: a massive aquarium, museum, planetarium, and one of the best technology centers in South America.


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