Everyone’s Staring at Me

Random Man Staring at Me

So this could be obvious to a lot, but I never realized that so many people would be staring at me. I mean, I’m going to assume it’s because I’m tall, white, and have light hair and eyes, but it could be how I walk, dress, and speak. But everywhere I go, it’s people who stop in their tracks to take a look at the extranjero. Take for example last night, I was starving for some delicious Panzarotti, so while we were at the National University we took a stroll to the school’s cafeteria, two groups of tables with about 8 people just stopped talking and took a moment to marvel at me. I mean it makes me feel special, but it’s a bit awkward because it happens so often, whether it be the metro or on the street, or where I work. The other day I was practicing my Paisa walking to look less foreign, because I mean this will be my home for the next three months. I was with one other American and a Colombian but their help was of little to no avail . And since then, no one’s agreed with me that I can pass as a local. But! I try harder everyday, and one day I will fulfill my Paisa dream of blending in, until then I have much practicing to do.

The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.
– Walt Disney


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