Buses in Medellín


How I feel riding the bus some days

We’re not in the US anymore. The busses continue to amaze me everyday. I’d say it’s like a video game swerving through motorcycles, people, and various forms of transportation. But, that sounds too fun. The first day that I rode the bus with my then roommate, Mayi I was shocked to find out that the door of the bus stayed open while I attempted to salvage through foreign bills of Colombian pesos. I desperately cling onto the railing trying not to fall out the door into my ultimate death but thankfully I make it in time to find a rocky seat. For about a week I’ve avoided taking it again at all costs, but since the metro is dangerous at night, I had little choice but to become accustomed to the ways. Each time I am still staring out the window looking for an familiar point, I’m not sure what I would do if I got off at the wrong stop, because even if I got off at an extra block, I’d be done for, if you told me I was in a different part of the city I’d believe you. I’m getting better I swear. Even though it is a 40mn ride to work everyday, the view is relaxing with the mountains and the river. But, today I had to ride it again and I basically got a foot of air going over the several speed bumps, note of advice, don’t ever sit in the back of the bus. And don’t fall out. That is all.


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