Jetting off into Colombia

The glowing lights of the city of Bogota below me were like embers in the wind,  as if it were its own organism inhaling and exhaling trying to breathe in the life and sounds of its own making

The scene at the airport was chaotic, I seamlessly made it through customs and was greeted by 100s of people holding signs of fellow family members and friends. I held onto my baggage for dear life as people weaved in and out of this person who was clearly not from Colombia. I soon made it to the hotel for the night only after passing through a metal detector at the door and drug sniffing dogs. But, alas, I made it into the modern and sleek bedroom just wanting to sleep after an exhaustive day beginning at 3am.


My first cafécito in Bogotá

The following morning my mission became finding an authentic cup of Colombian coffee and breakfast. I found the Starbucks of Colombia, Juan Valdez Cafe, and it was the perfect start to my day! My elegant breakfast turned out to be a satisfying sánduche de Dunkin’ Donuts but it was all I could ask for after airport food and granola bars


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